Meet Our Staff

Barbara Habbeshaw

Barbara Habbeshaw is the owner and Designated Broker of AZ Residential MGMT here in Mesa Az. She landed here in 1989 from Austria to live the American dream. She has been in property management for over 15 yrs and she and her team thoroughly enjoy what they do. Barbara says " you either love it or hate it"....she enjoys the everyday challenges of dealing with tenants and giving her owners amazing service. Our constant communication with our owners is just a cell phone call away for updates on their investments on any day of the week including weekends. Got Management?

Derek Habbeshaw

Derek Habbeshaw is an active full time real estate sales agent for over 30 years. Having re located from the far north in Canada he has been in the Valley of the Sun since 1998. He works with buyers and investors on finding cash flow positive homes here in the Valley. Bottom line..he just enjoys helping others achieve financial wealth through acquisition of mortar and bricks.